An extensive range of meticulously researched and illustrated flags
             for the discerning collector of historical
15/18mm flags from the recently updated British Napoleonic Range ( visit JJ's blog for more of this collection )

First packs of Hardee flags along with Union Vermont Regts now available in 28mm.

see 'New Releases' for Vermont images

Product information & Prices.

Flags are sold in packs of two in the 28mm Range ( National & Regimental where
appropriate ). Usually six to a pack in the 15/18mm Range, and two in the 40mm Range.

 All the 28mm packs contain two flags. Where a nation or state carried two flags the packs have the flags for the named regt. ( National and Regimental or State in the case of the Union Infantry , Kings and regimental for British, Leibfahne and regimentsfahne for Austrians, Prussians etc )

Where units carried only one flag – flags for two units are supplied ( some confederate packs have a state and battleflag – if not, then both units are listed. )

15/18mm & 28mm packs are priced at £3.50.  40mm packs are £7.00.

40mm versions are available for most of the flags already in the 28mm Range. They are not listed in the shop. Please email with your requirements.

15/18mm flags from the recently updated British Napoleonic Range

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