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The larger, more simply designed, tricolour flag; made its first appearance for the Waterloo campaign. A single Eagle and flag was carried by the first battalion of each Infantry regiment and by the first squadron of each cavalry regiment.

Although most units were issued with new eagles and flags before the campaign, Light regiments of both infantry and cavalry were ordered to leave theirs at the regimental depot. This order was not always obeyed. I have produced standards for all regiments ( most ranges of figures have standard bearers ) the choice is yours.


First Corps  ( Drouet D'Erlon )

WF   1

54th and 55th Line, 1st Brigade, 1st Division


WF   2  

28th and 105th Line, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division


WF   3  

13th Light and 17th Line, 1st Brigade, 2nd Division


WF   4  

19th and 51st Line, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division


WF   5  

21st and 46th Line, 1st Brigade, 3rd Division


WF   6  

25th and 45th Line, 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division


WF   7  

8th and 29th Line, 1st Brigade, 4th Division


WF   8  

85th and 95th Line, 2nd Brigade, 4th Division


1st Cavalry Division  ( Jacquinot)

WF   9  

7th Hussars and 3rd Chasseurs, 1st Brigade.


WF  10 

3rd and 4th Lancers, 2nd Brigade.



David Imrie's French Infantry ( Perry Miniatures )

Second Corps   ( Reille ) 

WF  11  

2nd Light and 61st Line, 1st Brigade, 5th Division.


WF  12  

72nd and 108th Line, 2nd Brigade, 5th Division.


WF  13  

1st Light and 3rd Line, 1st Brigade, 6th Division


WF  14  

1st and 2nd Line, 2nd Brigade, 6th Division


WF  15  

11th Light and 82nd Line, 1st Brigade, 7th Division.


WF  16  

12th Light and 4th Line, 2nd Brigade, 7th Division.


WF  17  

92nd and 93rd Line, 1st Brigade, 9th Division.


WF  18  

4th Light and 100th Line, 2nd Brigade, 9th Division


2nd Cavalry Division  ( Pire )

WF   19  

1st and 6th Chasseurs a cheval, 1st Brigade.


WF   20  

5th and 6th Lancers, 2nd Brigade



Third Corps   ( Vandamme )

WF   21  

15th Light and 23rd Line, 1st Brigade, 8th Division.


WF   22  

37th and 64th Line, 2nd Brigade, 8th Division.


WF   23  

34th and 88th Line, 1st Brigade, 10th Division.


WF   24  

22nd and 70th Line, 2nd Brigade, 10th Division.


WF   25  

12th and 56th Line, 1st Brigade, 11th Division.


WF   26  

33rd and 86th Line, 2nd Brigade, 11th Division.


3rd Cavalry Division   ( Domon )

WF   27  

4th , 9th and 12th Chasseurs a cheval, 1st and 2nd Brigades



Fourth Corps    ( Gerard ) 

WF   28  

30th and 96th Line, 1st Brigade, 12th Division.


WF   29  

6th Light and 63rd Line, 2nd Brigade, 12th Division


WF   30  

59th and 76th Line, 1st Brigade, 13th Division.


WF   31  

48th and 69th Line, 2nd Brigade, 13th Division.


WF   32  

9th Light and 111th Line, 1st Brigade, 14th Division.


WF   33  

44th and 50th Line, 2nd Brigade, 14th Division.







 Perry Miniatures by Barry Hilton  ( flag from WF02 )


7th Cavalry Division   ( Maurin )

WF   34  

6th Hussars and 8th Chasseurs a cheval, 1st Brigade


WF   35  

6th and 16th Dragoons, 2nd Brigade.



Sixth Corps    ( Lobau )

WF  36  

5th and 11th Line, 1st Brigade, 19th Division.


WF  37  

27th and 84th Line, 2nd Brigade, 19th Division.


WF  38  

5th Light and 10th Line, 1st Brigade, 20th Division.


WF  39 

47th and 107th Line, 2nd Brigade, 20th Division.


WF  40  

8th Light and 40th Line, 1st Brigade, 21st Division.


WF  41  

65th and 75th Line, 2nd Brigade, 21st Division.



Perry Miniatures by Barry Hilton 


Cavalry Reserve        

1st Corps ( Pajol )

WF  42

1st and 4th Hussars, 4th Division


WF  43

1st and 2nd Lancers, 5th Division


WF  44

5th Hussars, 4th Division/ 11th Chasseurs 5th Division



2nd Corps ( Exelmans.)

WF  45

5th and 13th Dragoons, 9th division.


WF  46

15th and  20th Dragoons, 9th division.


WF  47

4th and 12th Dragoons, 10th division.


WF  48

14th and 17th Dragoons, 10th division.



Giles Allison's Cuirassiers ( Perry Miniatures )  Tarleton

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