Crimean War

The Crimean War

A new range - inspired by the figures from 'Great War Miniatures'
The first release from what will be a comprehensive range of 28mm flags for the Crimean War.
The British                            The British shop link

The Highland Brigade ( pictured ) L toR    BCR01, 03, 02, 01, 03, 02
The Highland Brigade.
BCR01  93rd Sutherland Highlanders
BCR02  42nd Royal Highland Regiment
BCR03  79th Cameron Highlanders
BCR04  95th Derbyshire Regiment
BCR05  62nd Wiltshire Regiment
BCR06  44th East Essex Regiment
BCR07  9th East Norfolk Regiment
BCR08  13th Somersetshire Regiment
BCR09  55th Westmoreland Regiment
The Guards Brigade.
BCR10  Grenadier Guards, Third Battalion.
BCR11  Coldstream Guards, First Battalion.
BCR12  Scots Fusilier Guards, First Battalion.
BCR13  50th Queens Own ( West Kent ) Regiment
BCR14  39th Dorsetshire Regiment
BCR15  56th West Essex Regiment


BCR16  7th ( The Royal Fuzileers ) Regt.
BCR17  4th ( The Kings Own ) Regt.
BCR18  30th ( Cambridgeshire ) Regt.
BCR19  31st ( Huntingdonshire ) Regt.
BCR20  71st Highland Light Infantry
BCR21  3rd ( East Kent/ The Buffs )
BCR22  21st ( Royal North British Fusiliers )
BCR23  57th ( West Middlesex ) Regt.
BCR24  38th ( 1st Staffordshire ) Regt.
BCR25  68th ( Durham Light Infantry )
BCR26  41st Regiment of Foot
BCR27  77th ( East Middlesex ) Regt.
The Russians             The Russians shop link

Russian Infantry ( pictured ) L to R  RCI05, 02, 04, 03, 01
RCI01  Line Infantry ( pre-1825 issue, carried by the majority of Russian Infantry in the Crimea )
RCI02  Grenadiers ( pre 1825 issue, yellow/red corners,  Astrakhan,Fanagoria,Siberia,Little Russia..)
RCI03  Grenadiers ( pre 1825 issue, black/red corners, Moscow, Ekaterinoslav, Tauride, Kiev..)
RCI04  Infantry ( post 1825 issue. Red trimmed cross ) poss' Jagers - though not exclusively.
RCI05  Infantry ( post 1825 issue. pale blue trimmed cross ) poss'  line Infantry - though not exclusively.
I'm still following some leads on the last two.

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15/18mm versions to follow
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