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An extensive range of meticulously researched and illustrated flags for the discerning collector of historical miniatures

Welcome to the New GMB Designs website. I hope that customers , both old and new, will enjoy their visit and find the new layout easy to navigate.

I’d like to thank Andy at Tradestands  ( ) Without his knowledge and guidance this would not have been possible.

You will notice that we’ve added a lot more images. We don’t have everything photographed yet – but will be adding more until we’ve covered all the ranges. As with all new ventures, it’s been a lot of hard work and some long nights too.  We’ve done our best to make sure everything is in its place but if you do notice any mistakes, please let us know.

The Flags

Flags are sold in packs of two in the 28mm Range ( National & Regimental where appropriate ). Usually six to a pack in the 15/18mm Range, and two in the 40mm Range.

All the 28mm packs contain two flags. Where a nation or state carried two flags the packs have the flags for the named regt. ( National and Regimental or State in the case of the Union Infantry , Kings and regimental for British, Leibfahne and Regimentsfahne for Austrians, Prussians etc )

Where units carried only one flag – flags for two units are supplied ( some confederate packs have a state and battle flag – if not, then both units are listed. )

15/18mm & 28mm packs are priced at £3.60.  40mm packs are £7.00.

40mm versions are available for most of the flags already in the 28mm Range. They are not yet listed in the shop. Please email with your requirements.

All our flags are supplied as unassembled flat prints. We do not supply materials for flag staffs and finials.


Grahame Black, GMB Designs